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Excellent application on carbon fiber by Camber Marine

09 June 2016

Few things on board look as cool as black and shiny carbon fiber. Who would ruin that look with antifouling? With Propspeeed you can even make it look better!


The revolutionary new Humphree Electric Stabilising Fin & Interceptor System makes a perfect match with Propspeed to keep that cool look on 100% clean stabilizing fins. Camber Marine has pioneered the application of Propspeed on this new elements at the great facilities of Audax Marina (Propspeed approved applicators) in Palma de Mallorca.  This is the (impressive) final result:


IMG_1392  IMG_1384

Although we are used to the worldwide recognised Propspeed yellow color, on non-metallic materials,  only the “Top Coat” is applied after a thorough cleaning, degreasing and light sanding of the surface to be treated. This process gives great results onplastic  bowthrusters, underwater lights, fins, etc.

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