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More Light, Less Fuss.

Lightspeed is the first transparent foul-release coating specifically developed for underwater lights.


Keep your lights shining bright with Lightspeed

Protect your underwater lights from marine fouling, including barnacles, oysters, mussels, seaweed and algae.

Underwater lights generate light and heat, creating environmental conditions that favor marine growth.

Conventional antifouling paint designed to prevent marine growth on hulls and running gear is unsuitable for underwater lights as it is not transparent. Fortunately, Oceanmax has the solution.

How will Lightspeed affect my lights’ clarity

Lightspeed actually makes your lights shine brighter! Lightspeed improves luminosity by increasing the organization of emitted light and decreasing light scatter

How long will Lightspeed last?

We expect a minimum of one year under most conditions

Is Lightspeed environmentally friendly?

Yes. Lightspeed contains no copper, tin or any other toxic substances harmful to marine life.


How to apply Lightspeed

1. Clean the surface.

Before applying Lightspeed it is essential that the surface is perfectly clean and free of any mineral deposits

- Wear gloves throughout the process.

- Delimit the area to be applied with adhesive tape.

2. Surface preparation with Lightclean.

Lighclean wipes have been specially formulated to remove impurities, grease and surface contaminants. Open the Lightclean wipe included in your Lightspeed kit and clean the surface to be coated.

- Clean the surface to be coated with the Lighclean wipe.

- Immediately remove any residue with a clean, dry cloth.

Make sure the surface is 100% clean and dry before continuing.


Lightspeed is a patented silicone coating that adheres to the surface of the bulb, providing a thin, protective layer that repels and prevents marine growth.

- Lightspeed is applied with the brush included in the kit.

- Add CLEAR COAT to the brush.

Gently apply a thin layer of CLEAR COAT over the focus. Make sure that CLEAR COAT is as evenly spread on the surface as possible, avoiding heavy marks or squirts, you will have 5-10 minutes to touch them up.

Lightspeed adheres to all types of surfaces regardless of whether they are polymers, plastics or glass.

It requires a minimum of 8 hours to dry before putting the boat in the water. In cold conditions 5-13c 40-6 F, we recommend at least 24 hours. Lightspeed is unaffected if you stay out of the water for long periods in hot or cold climates.

Each 15ml Lightspeed kit contains:

1 x Lightclean wipe.
1 x Lightspeed15ml tube.
1 x Applicator brush.

Lightspeed foul release coating US

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