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Is it good for my boat? Is it expensive?

Take better care of your boat and save money


Propespeed’s Top Coat properties not only make the treated surfaces stay clean, they will be protected form corrosión as well. The pictures below are from the Australian boat “Riviera”, treated with Propspeed on her starboard propeller, sternleg and shaft, keeping the port side unprotected. After six months on the wáter these are the results:

Compare the RPMs on each engine, having a clean propeller means that the starboard engine:

  • Uses less fuel
  • Works at a lower temperature
  • Drives more speed
  • Less CO2 emissions
  • Less noise
  • Less vibrations

That is, less problems, more efficiency and better performance.

Save Zinc anodes

Another interesting property the Top Coat has is that it acts as an electrical insulator, which will extend the zinc anodes lives. In the following pictures you can see both anodes in detail:


Save fuel


Roughness 10 microns = 1% fuel increase.After speaking with hundreds of users in over 30 countries, we know Propspeed can reduce your boat’s fuel consumption from 3% to 10% depending on the type of boat and navigation. Professionals from the Marine industry can get their money back within weeks!

More speed

How many times have you come aboard your boat after weeks of hard work, ready to enjoy and felt something “wrong” was going on with her, that she doesn’t run as smooth and fast as the last time and more smoke is coming out from the exhaust?

You can be 99% sure that the problema is that the running gear is fouled. Propspeed will provide you with one to two years of protection against marine growth and corrosión!


Take care of the marine enviroment

Conventional anti-fouling systems use biocides to prevent marine growth. They release toxic substances to the sea often including copper, which is a powerful marine contaminant. Also, once the biocides wear off, which usually happens in a few months, or even less in high speed propellers, the anti´fouling stops working. Propspeed does not contain biocides, copper,, tin or any other toxic substance. It Works because it’s slick, not because it’s poisonous.


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