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Why it works

What makes Propspeed different from other foul release systems?

Propspeed is a highly effective system, providing both superior adhesion to metal substrates and a long-lasting slick coat that is highly effi cient at reducing marine growth. The secret to its success is the interlocking of all of the components, from preparation to etching primer and clear coat.

Preparation Steps


The two preparation steps before applying Propspeed are critical to enhancing the system’s longevity. The fi rst step is applying the Propclean, this is a solution which dissolves organics such as grease and fi ngerprint residue. It is crucial that the metal substrate is completely free of contaminants, and isn’t touched with ungloved hands from this point of the application forward. Failure to complete the cleaning process, or touching the metal, can result in the etching primer not adequately adhering to the metal substrate, resulting in eventual failure of the system.


Propprep is essential in the chemical preparation of the metal substrate to be coated with Propspeed. The product contains ingredients that react with the metal, creating a porous surface layer. This porous layer is key to ensuring proper penetration and completion of the self-etching reaction of the primer to the metal substrate. Propprep also ensures that no free alkalinity, as a result of various soap/detergent washing, is present to interfere with the self-etching primer reaction and adhesion to the metal substrate.

Self Etching Primer & Clear Coat

Aided by the porous Propprep layer, the Etching Primer bonds to the metal substrate by both physical and chemical bonds. This bond causes gas bubbles to be released, creating tiny capillary holes in the surface of the primer.

It is this process which relies on the re-coat timing window being strictly followed to ensure excellent product performance (see application video). When the Clear Coat is applied it soaks in to these holes, binding to the primer coats as well as the metal substrate.

This interlocking of all components of the Propspeed system is the key to its success, proving itself in not only aiding in lowering fuel consumption and increasing speed, but also reducing the time and cost of maintenance.


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